The slogan of MARAC is:
The sea is our bond.

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What does MARAC stand for?
MARAC stands for Marine Radio Amateur Club
(Navy Amateur Radio Club)

This club consists of members who are:
a. Radio-amateur;
b. Active in the service of the Royal Netherlands Navy or have been active in the Royal   Netherlands Navy, either as a soldier or as a civilian.
c. Employed from the Netherlands Merchant Navy or have been employed by the Netherlands Merchant Navy. (Point c will apply from October 1, 1991).

Special members can be:
a. Radio-amateur stations for educational purposes within or at the service of the Royal Netherlands Navy.
b. Radio-amateur-stations for educational purposes within or at the service of the Netherlands Merchant navy (Point b will apply from June 1, 2013).
c. Club stations of sister organizations.
d. Members of of sister organizations who are active or have been active in the service of an allied naval force.

What is the purpose of the MARAC?
a. To perpetuate the band which is always present at the naval work force.
b. To maintain the contact between the Navy and Merchant navy work force via the radio hobby.
c. To support each other with both technical and non-technical problems.
d. The exchange of information on the hobby with other maritime clubs, like RNARS, MF, MFCA, INORC e.o.
If you feel attracted to this club, do not hesitate to contact us by filling out het form.
We wish you a warm welcome.

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