The International Naval Contest (INC) takes place every year on the second weekend of December.

This year, INORC, the Italian Naval “Old Rhytmers” Club (ITALY), will be sponsor of the International Naval Contest.

When: 10th December 2022 16:00 UTC to 11th December 2022 15:59 UTC

Bands: 3.5 – 7 – 14 – 21 – 28 MHz

Preferred frequencies:

CW: 3,565 – 7,020 – 14,055 – 21,160 – 28,350 MHz

SSB: 3,625 – 7,060 – 14,303 – 21,175 – 28,993 MHz
Mode: CW – SSB – Mixed Informations to be given on contact:

  1. Naval Club Member: RST+CLUB+MEMBERSHIP NUMBER (eg. “599 MI100”)
  2. Non-Naval Member: RST+NUMBER (eg. “599 001”)


Naval club members: 10 points
Non-Naval members: 1 point


Every contacted and logged member of a participating Naval

Every station only counted once as a multiplier during the contest regardless of the number of bands you work them on.
Participation in the contest is allowed only under one membership

Score: Total QSO points * Multipliers = total score

Participating naval clubs:

ARMI Associazione Radioamatori Marinai Italiani: MI
FNARS Finnish Naval Amateur Radio Society: FN
HNARC Hellenic Naval Amateur Radio Club GR
INORC Italian Naval “Old Rhythmers” Club”: IN
MARAC Marine Amateur Radio Club Netherlands: MA
MF Marinefunker-Runde e.V.: MF
MFCA Marine Funker Club Austria: CA
NRA Núcleo de Radio Amadores da Armada Portugal: PN
RNARS Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society: RN
YO-MARC Romanian Marine Radio Amateur Club: YO


Participants classes:

A = Naval Station all band mixed mode (single op)

B = Naval Station all band CW (single op)

C = Naval Station all band SSB (single op)

D = All band SWL

E = Naval Club Station (multi op)

F = Non-Naval Station


Trophies: The 1st winner of each class.

Award (PDF) for all participants.


It is expected that the logbook owner has already included a calculation of the total score on the cover as a “FAIR PLAY STATEMENT” stating that the rules have been applied during operation to the log attaches.
The chronological log extract in paper or electronically as a email attachment must be submitted (in one of these formats: ADIF, Cabrillo, Word or Excel).
For a paper log, take out a standard log sheet


The cover sheet must be filled in fully and correctly. Any incomplete form cover is considered as control log.
Contest manager:
The electronic log in, or the paper log scan, must be sent to:
Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Logs to be received by: 12 January 2023 (deadline / postmarked)
You can announce your participation in the Contest by writing a message in our Guest Book